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Q. & A.

How many slides can I have digitized for free?

As many as you want. We digitize slides in batches of 140. After the first batch, your next batch will move to the end of the cue. Free digitizing is first come, first served, 140 slides at a time.

How long does it take?

It depends on how many batches are in the cue, but generally the first batch of 140 has a link within 7 days.

Can I get them done faster?

Yes, we have a $69 per batch expedited service option.

What if I have fewer than 140 slides?

Any number up to 140 is considered a batch.

What are the quality specifications?

The link shows the front of slides for review, suitable for smartphone viewing so you can pick which slides you want processed with good or best quality. During digitizing, we capture an uncompressed RAW super resolution version for maximum color-correct quality that can be tone-mapped (dark areas brighter) and imperfections (specks, scratches) can be repaired (best quality). Those image files, suitable for printing, are available to order with paid options. Here is an example.

Can I make prints from the free scan?

No. We offer a range of printing options at very low prices, in sizes up to 13”x19”, on various paper and canvas types. We also offer glass and metal prints, photo books, coffee mugs, water bottles, cards w/envelopes, and T-Shirts. Just specify the slide and if you want good or best processing.

How do I get started?

We explain everything, like how you get the slides to us and how you get them back. All you have to do is send us an email at: